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NOV Ideco E3000 Drawworks Used

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The Drawworks you are viewing is a NOV Ideco E3000 Drawworks Used and it is located in India. This Ideco Electric Drawworks is a “Heavy Duty” model rated from 2,000 HP to 4,000 HP, and drilling depth range from 20,000 ft to 35,000 ft

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Equipment Name: NOV Ideco E3000 Drawworks (Used)
Equipment Location: India

NOV Ideco E3000 Drawworks Features

Manufacturer: NOV Ideco
Model: E3000
Rated HP: 3000 HP up to 4000 HP
Type: Single drum
Range: This Ideco Electric Drawworks is a “Heavy Duty” model rated from 2,000 HP to 4,000 HP, and drilling depth range from 20,000 ft to 35,000 ft

NOV Ideco E3000 Drawworks Information

NOV Ideco E3000 Drilling Drawworks are skid mounted and designed for continuous drilling service. NOV offers customized designs per customer specifications or standard models.

National Oilwell Varco designs, builds, and supports the widest range of self-propelled and trailer mounted well servicing, work-over, and drilling mobile rigs in the world.

What is Drawworks?

Drawworks is an important part of a drilling rig. Drawworks come in many varieties and can include AC, DC or mechanical operations. The drilling line used in drawworks can be used to hoist and lower hundreds of thousands of pounds of weight, including lifting steel pipes out of boreholes. It also comes in a variety of power ratings that can range from 1000 HP to 3000 HP and above.

A modern draw-works consists of five main parts: the drum, the motor(s), the brake, the auxiliary brake and the reduction gear. Our NOV Ideco E3000 Drawworks have Single drum. The motors can be AC or DC-motors, or the draw-works may be connected directly to diesel engines using metal chain-like belts. The number of gears could be one, two or three speed combinations. The main brake, usually operated manually by a long handle, may be friction band brake, a disc brake or a modified clutch. It serves as a parking brake when no motion is desired. The auxiliary brake is connected to the drum, and absorbs the energy released as heavy loads are lowered. This brake may use eddy current rotors or water-turbine-like apparatus to convert the kinetic energy of the moving load to heat and dissipate it.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 35 cm


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