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Skytop Brewster N-95 1500 HP Drilling Rig

Equipment Name: Skytop Brewster N-95 1500 HP Drilling Rig (Training Rig Like New)
Manufacturer: Skytop Brewster
Size: 1500 HP
Manufacture Date: 2014

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Skytop Brewster N-95 1500 HP Drilling Training Rig is in Excellent Condition and look like new.

SKYTOP-BREWSTER N-95 1500HP S/D Drawworks p/b (2) 1000HP Traction Motors
DRILLMEC 152’H 1,000,000#SHL Cantilever Mast
DRILLMEC 25’H Box-On-Box Substructure
McKISSICK 350-Ton Block/Hook Combo
SENTRY 27-1/2” Rotary Table
(2) OILWELL LPT17 1700HP Triplex Pumps EA p/b 1000HP Traction Motor
1000-Bbl 2-Tank Mud System w/Solids Control Equip, Mixing Tank
SHAFFER 11” 5000# Annular & Double BOPs
Asst’d Handling Tools & Auxiliary Equipment

Skytop Brewster N-95 1500 HP Drilling Rig Detailed Inventory:

SKYTOP-BREWSTER N-95 1500HP Drawworks, LEBUS Grooved f/1-1/2” Line, PARKERSBURG PC56090-R 60” Brake, Air Driller Console, (2) Catheads, p/b (2) GE 1000 HP Traction Motors

DRILLMEC 152’H 1,000,000#SHL Cantilever Mast w/7-Sheave Crown Block, 4” Standpipe,Racking Board, Ladder, Fall Arrest Device, Rig Lights

DRILLMEC 25’H x 52’L Split Level Box-Type Substructure w/Deadline Anchor, (2) Air Receiver Tanks, (2) I. RAND FA5A-LXK1/ FA5A-05025C Air Hoists, (1) I. RAND FFA50K Air Hoist, Rig Lights, Stairs, Handrails, V-Door Ramp, Catwalk, Brake Water System, Brake Water Tank

McKISSICK 350-Ton Block/Hook Combo w/(5) 48” Sheaves, Grooved f/1-1/2” Line, Set of 4” x 96”L 350-Ton Elevator Links, WEB WILSON 250-Ton 5-1/2” CL Elevator

SKYTOP-BREWSTER SZX 400-Ton Swivel w/Kelly Spinner, BAASH ROSS JOY 1TP6 Square Kelly Bushing

SENTRY 27-1/2” x 53-1/4” Rotary Table w/Split Master Bushing

(2) OILWELL LPT17 1700HP Triplex Mud Pumps EA w/Forged Steel Fluid End & Quick Change Caps, HYDRIL Pulsation Dampener, OTECO 3” Relief Valve, EA p/b (2) 1000HP Traction Motors, Skidded

(2) 1000-Bbl Mud Tanks w/(5) 10HP Mud Agitators, MI SWACO Mongoose Pro Linear Motion Shale Shaker, MI SWACO MD-2 Linear Motion Shale Shaker, Mud Hopper, (2) Wash Vats, (1) Acid Vat

ATCO 10’W x 21’L Toolpusher’s House/Office w/Built-In Desk, Executive Chairs, File Cabinet, Refrigerator, Microwave, Shower & Restroom, Storage Room, Central Air, Skidded

SHAFFER 11” 5000# Double Blowout Preventer with (4) 4” Outlets, Flanged Top & Bottom

SHAFFER 11” 5000# Annular Blowout Preventer with Flanged Top & Bottom

Approx 3,000′ of 1-1/2” Drill Line on Air Powered Drill Line Spooler with Stand

Handling Tools & Auxiliary Equipment Including: OILWELL 3” to 5-1/2” Hyd Pipe Spinner • HT-55 Rotary Tongs • VARCO 5” SDXL Slips • (2) VARCO 11-Seg DCS Slips •(4) Sets Type-C Safety Clamps • Type E Weight Indicator • (2) Bug Blowers p/b 5 HP Elec Motors

Top Drive: 2010 Canrig Top Drive 500 Ton

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 35 cm


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